Cant log on account

I cant log into my playeraccount. I tryed to use GR account and PW account(because it shows there automaticaly) but it says username/password wrong. Someone help?

I think you need to change your password to a create an account with the listserver or something. Also considering people can hack the gserver software to potentially steal your password, you should use a different password to your forum password.

Hack is one way of putting it, modifying one line of source code is another.

I had to add some sensation to it!

Who would want to hack someone´s account here lmao.

While Eroz’s question is valid… I didn’t know it was that easy.
That should be deleted, really… I can imagine any minute now some scriptkiddy making up an enticing server name I’ll click on just to mess with my account.

There’s nothing we can do on our end, as stefan was (and is) dumb enough to send the password to the server as plain text. If you are worried about your account, you can use a Secure Login.

If someone wants me to build it for them, I can.

Tunnel your connection through ssh proxy hosted on list server server.

I’m not that worried but the information should be kept secret.

It’s fairly common knowledge, hence why i’m not trying to be very “hush hush” about it.

That’s a bad attitude, the best security systems are those people know the most about which is one of the key design principles of modern day cryptosystems.

So telling everyone about this will fix it.

No that’d require graal to have competent programmer working on the engine, which unixmad is currently in short supply of (0).

Like what hosler said… it’d be worth mentionning if the software was still being worked on, but it’s not.
Anyway, the feared scriptkiddy will have to dig long to find this thread so whatever.