Cant Register Server

Iv had a server for a while and just recently its stopped letting players on. I went to register it but when I click on the Register link it says that I must be signed into a account to resister a server… even though I am already signed into my account. Iv tried logging in and out and resetting my password but nothing seems to work. If there’s anything that could help that’d be great :slight_smile:

When you sign in you have to check the box that says “remember me” or else it won’t work.

But the registration has nothing to do with players not being able to connect. Make sure that the port is forwarded to the right internal IP and that there’s no firewall software blocking the incoming connections!

Thanks Cadavre for the help :slight_smile: The registration worked and it seems to be working good I just need to make sure that everyone is able to log on.:animesmiley: