Cant seem to log in to the the clint.

!pissed! Can some one help me. I no my password and username. But I get invalid each time. :cry:

The password you use for the client and the password for these forums are separate. You can register your client password here:

Still confused!

Just think of the forums as a separate site from the place where you make your game account. You have to make a client account/password at the site tricxta gave you.

I tried and tried…

I tried the site he gave made an acc but still doesn’t work…

Yenairo fix the damn website already

I’m glad he didn’t miss the “n” from the post title in addition to the “e”…

Yes but why is he trying to log into Mr. Eastwood anyways?

Why not? The Clint is awesome.

lel if that’s your decision then I guess I’ll see about getting that php error fixed some time this week.

not that you have my version uploaded to the main site anyway