Car sprites

I got this unoriginal idea for a mini game server where you play short round death matches in cars from an overhead perspective. Made this quick concept of a car.[ATTACH=CONFIG]3891[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]3892[/ATTACH]

Cool, if you can make it so I can vs Spooon without him abusing bugs, I’d play a couple games.

Looks like it’ll be pretty fun, I had a similar idea for a tower defence game lol.

Let me know if you need any help with scripting.

I like how in tricxtas version you can’t drive to the right

must be a car for black people
it got no rights
ayy lmao

Thank You for the support I will contact you when I have enough stuff for scripting.

I was thinking top down (gta 2 style) + twisted metal mixed with some vigilante 8 a simple game with one objective: high speed destruction.


Because those sprites were not made for Graal. Whatever they were made for you can probably flip images with code.

Yeah I know. I was being facetious.

I decided to increase the size of the vehicles and started making simple weapon systems: rockets and machine guns


Rockets and machine guns are very simple weapons.

I guess they are standard instead of simple… also want flamethrowers, mines, grenade launchers and more

I am going to put unlock-able characters in this mini game give me some cool ideas and I might put you in. Here’s Dylan’s character: