Change Tileset?

I am trying to use the Era tile set, I downloaded the era dev kit from the real Graal client but when I open the level it tells me to and there is no tileset its just gray. How can I make the tile set work on my server?

Make sure that the tileset is in the same folder as the Graal Editor.
Create an NPC and double click it, paste this code:

if (playerenters) { // be sure to click the "play" button to see the changes.
removetiledefs; // removes the default tileset.
addtiledef YOURTILESET.png,,1; // adds your tileset as default. 

If it still doesn’t work, you might want to post the tileset here.
-GR’s Graal Editor only supports images with the .gif or .png (8-bit) extensions.
-GR’s Graal Editor runs GS1 not GS2 (which is used on the “real” Graal client = syntax differs).