Chaotica Hera Hut

I unlocked the hera hut east of the Baddy city on Chaotica. If you manage to get 8/8 heras, there are now enough hera huts to get 11 hearts.

There was a hera hut there?

Yeah, but it was blocked by an NPC. There is also a Hera Hut in the underwater Big City that I added a year or two ago.

GtA still not on the serverlist :[.

It is now! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Could anyone tell me where the remaining hera’s are? the guy at the castle’s saying one is buried. the others were mentioned in old threads but i couldn’t find them.

Everytime i reconnect i start at the spot that i logged at before the server went out, with the items gone that i get before reconnecting. Can someone fix this?

sounds like your account txt is read only.


Yeah. Marlon has to do something about that.

Lmao, the harddrive went into read-only mode for some reason after a power outage. Fixing it![COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Should be working correctly now!