Character customisation

So when I logged on I noticed that I didn’t get to customize my character at all. I would have preferred to play as female. Is there a way to change gender on private servers?

Chat Commands:
setbody imagename
sethead imagename
setshield imagename
setsword imagename

setsleeve color
setcoat color
setshoe color
setskin color
setbelt color
(0-18 or actual color names work)

Default Graal images:
Bodies: body.png, body2.png, ect… There are only 18 default bodies.
Heads: head.png, head2.png, ect… There are hundreds.
Swords: sword1.png, sword2.png, sword3.png, sword4.png
Shields: shield1.png, shield2.png, shield3.png, noshield.gif (or something like that for nothing)

If these images don’t work, you may not have the graphics. Or the specific server you are on may have disabled the chat commands (in case they want you to visit a tailor or something).

I’m not entirely sure theres a command to change gender. You may have to rely on the server you are playing as having an NPC that allows you to change your gender or PM a staff member to change your gender on your account.

The change of ‘gender’ only controls the noise you make when hurt and for the more technical thing; “ismale” “isfemale” flags, which no one would probably use anyway.

setbody body8.png
setbody body18.png

Are the two more common female sprites.

Yeah, I find the ismale and isfemale flags rather pointless. Nice potential, but they don’t really do all that much unless the individual server does all the scripting, lol