chat and flags

Ok i cant be arsed right now to search the UGDVD to find an npc with this setup so i need a quick answer please

How do i put in an NPC, a check that allows you to say something only if you have a certain flag, for example

i want the player to chat ‘ok i’ll look’, once you say that the npc sets a flag on the character that says your on this quest for her

but i need it so that if you say ‘ok i’ll look’ while you have a certain flag already on you, she will say ‘hey you already found it for me’

so you cant accept the quest again and get infinite moniess


set blah;




message blah;
messsage blah blah;

Er, here since you might not get how to add in the chat part.

if (playerenters){ set [B]flag[/B]; }

if (playerchats && strequals(#c,text here) && [B]flag[/B]){ message Yay.; }

Lolol…I could swear that this was in my guide x.x Do I seriously have to make thw dlag description more descriptive x.x

I’ll add doing checks on flags to it when I get home x.x

…Rewrite your whole guide. Now.
In fact, someone just post the fricking newbie scripters bible.
…Heck, i’ll post it myself:

This is what i needed thanks.

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