chatbubble script not working

// NPC made by phil (Admin) if (playerenters) { toweapons -chatbubble; } if (keypressed && keydown(8)){ showimg 1,chatbubble.gif,playerx-1,playery-1; } if (playerchats){ hideimg 1; }
It isnt working what should happen is when the player presses tab the image should show so it shows when hes talking, also how would i make it so when he clicks the chatbox it would do the same thing?

Currently, I’m sure it’s not possible to get this working. Me and tricxta have had our goes at it and it looks like you’d need custom chat to somehow be able to get this to work currently. Correct me if I’m wrong?

The only reason this won’t work is because the 2.22 client we use causes the chat box to act as a seperate gui element. So if you use the chatbox is disables all key interaction with the game. The reason this works on graal online is because there chatbox is scripted in and isn’t an external gui element.

well when changing my key to the c key in options this does work. So that means theres no way of doing this or would it work i a different client

30 days later… Well, I really don’t think that there is any way of doing it currently. The only reason it works in other clients is because they used completely scripted chatboxes and there isn’t a chatbox implemented into the client.