Check to see if you cna see forum

PWA have their own hidden forum called “Player World Pimps”, can anyone that is PWA confirm that they can see it

No, i can’t see it right now

I can’t even see it.

Well I messed up the permissions then, probably shouldn’t have it under “staff only” category o_O
Marlon can you move it and fix it
/me is lazy

You really jacked the idea? lol +1 Agret, you got me there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved it to “Graal” category, see if you can see it now?
For direct link, ohnoez 69! lol

yes, i see it now, thanks

D: I should be able to openly post there, no?


I can’t see it anymore and I’m a super mod…

My bad, will futher fix permissions now.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Permissions should be fixed now.

I don’t think it is.

Regardless, they’ll be safer that way.

Permissions are fixed. :slight_smile:

Then what is the point of even have Super Moderators if they can’t moderate all of the forums?

Aren’t you the only one?

Yeah, Super Moderators should have access to every forum to keep content under control
but then again each PWA has mod rights and I would at least think they would keep things
under control. So is it deemed necessary?

I have access so I don’t care anymore.

Mods for that forum, Super mods, Admins & PWA are only groups with rights to that forum.
Spooon should be able to see it.