Happy b day chicken!


Happy Birthday Chicken. Now get back to work on FTO.

\o/ happy b-day Chicken

Go to hell Chicken… SherpaHerpDerplaDerplaRurr DerpH-DerpaHerpySherpaHurHerpRurr.

get stoopid tonight brah

that looks like an atlantis chicken, you dont work there do you dusty?

No I don’t, they’re using it. I released a big dump of a server I was working on by myself and they’re probably using a lot of the graphics from it.

I wouldn’t blame them, your graphics are awesome.
Now back on subject. :expressionless:

But it is on topic. You see, if I wasn’t lazy that chicken would have a birthday hat on.

Oh the wonders of Paint.exe :L

Chicken, you are a faggot. Fucking crack baby.


Don’t you think you could just make one frame with a hat in Paint or something?

Meh, I know it’s a bit lazy to go into Paint and just put a hat on it but w/e.

I know how to make a hat lol. But yes, that’s exactly how lazy I am.


Thanks. lol thats me wizards/sleeping hat I made :smiley: but smaller.

It doesn’t pay to drink 46% homebrew bourbon and cider and challenge strippers to a pole spinning thing. I fell on my ass (gracefully) and then pick fights with the bartender. Trolled some of the girls there was quite amusing.

Was a good night.

chicken. you can have sex with my sister now if you want.

I she fat?