For christmas, I decided to make my own head festive rather than just keep it the way it is, you guys do the same for your favourite heads, and we will see who can do the best one! :smiley:

u just changed ur hair colour? to another colour, does that mean if i change my hair colour to 2 different colours i beat you?

Wow tricxta.

I also edited the necktie, I will post my full body as my avatar soon, now you work on YOURS >: (

I might edit a head later but I’m really lazy. All the sheets for heads and bodies are annoying to edit because of their dimensions.

I’d love to put a santa hat on my favorite head though.

Take a link head as a template for that, the hat is fixed onto it already :wink:

Fuck that… that’s why i have the gnome head :open_mouth:

Except I like looking like a Star Wars imperial emperor at the same time.

In a medieval setting.

While playing bomberman.

I don’t know then! You have some really weird tastes sometimes gllt!

Zombie, gnome, afro :smiley: