Chronicles Of Arkasus Update!

so i see my thread was taken down. sad. Understandable as well given my hiatus. i am still lurking the forums, and Chronicles of Arkasus is still in hibernation till at least next month. had some hiccups in life in general, But i am eager to get working on it again. I apologize for the lack of updates. hopefully next month, we will be seeing some new stuff coming for it.

Been working on some graphics, do not want to show anything yet, but it will be a new area added onto it.

Still alive, just life going on is all. hope everyone is well.

~ Pixel Ghost

I noticed that people were posting in the archive, which they shouldn’t, so I hid it. I will move Chronicles of Arkasus from archive. I dunno who put it there.

I never deleted anything though. Any further questions on IM or PM. Anyway, back to topic.