Classic files

Does anyone have a set of Classic files that includes the putnpc script gcspring.txt? I was the one that created it. I’m pretty sure it was one of the last things I did before the NPC server switch occurred. I haven’t been able to find anyone with files from that specific point in time. Close, but not quite there.

Well, is it the version that we have up as “Graal The Adventure”?

You could search on graal dvd

I don’t have any way to tell just by being on the server. I sent a forum PM to aidy12, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

I have. My own backups are more recent.

Graal the adventure is the latest backup before npc server. What did the script do that you can’t recreate?

It’s not a matter of not being able to recreate it. I wanted a copy of the data to look at my old scripts.

How are you so certain the data is immediately before the NPC server’s release?

Edit: I’ve found a way to determine that the server’s files are in fact newer than the ones I have. I’d still like to know if it’s new enough to include the spring. And I suppose I’m not going to be able to convince anyone to give me a copy.

I know it’s the only backup publically available from that period of time. It’s either the 2004 backup (pre-npcserver) or 2006 (post-npcserver). Nothing Else in between.

These forums are PAINFULLY slow. Where is this backup made public? I was quite thorough going through the “DVD” files, so I can’t imagine it’s there.

The people of Graal the adventure doesn’t want this particular version of classic released to the public so only a selected few has it.

How surprising.

Edit: No matter, I have the “precious” files now. The world is going to implode, someone else has them!

It doesn’t matter to me, it mattered to them though. Nice for you to have it. Did you find the file you wanted?

I figured you didn’t care. It’s just stupid that anyone does, given the state of everything. And no, even these more recent files are still a bit away from JUST before the NPC server’s release.

Yeah, I guess those files are lost forever then. Thor that works on “Graal the Adventure” on GraalOnline used this backup as a base. He was unable to get any newer files from pre-npcserver.