Cleaning Stuff Off PWA

Gonna be doing some cleaning up on PWA. If you want me to keep your levels please let me know.

Not sure what PWA is, but go to town :smiley:


I tried to clean up PWA, but RC wouldn’t keep files deleted.

pwa won’t let me on :o

No… no…
We need more lemon Pledge…

Should let you on now.

should probably delete all the account files. i can’t connect probably because it’s trying to load me into a level that isnt there.

no ones been able to get on it in quite some time, more likely the minecraft server is making it impossible for people to log on PWA .

that doesnt make sense unless minecraft is hogging up the mem or cpu. minecraft servers with 0 players dont use that much ram.

i want my stuff

You don’t already have it?

Deleted the account files, and all the empty level folders. Bayne, your shit is still on the server go grab it.

Now to get the server to load players correctly O_o.