Click Bomb

So, I have a click bomb script… and the problem is that every time i want to drop a bomb, i have to fire the weapon, is there a way to make it so i can click the weapon once and “spam” bombs? Heres the script:

if(playerenters) toweapons Staff/Click Bomb; if(leftmousebutton){ putbomb 1,mousex,mousey; }

if(playerenters)toweapons Staff/Bomb Dropper;
if (weaponfired)putbomb 1,mousex,mousey;

I was just playing with this a few minutes ago… lol.

leftmousebutton is a passive flag, it’s not checked in a loop as such, use mousedown instead
so your code will become

if (playerenters)toweapons Staff/Bomb Abuse;
if (mousedown){
  if (!leftmousebutton)return;
  putbomb 1,mousex,mousey;

or you could Yenairo it and make it a timeout that checks for a leftmousebutton lmao

edit: Tric why are you helping to make an abuse weapon? SOME PWA CANDIDATE YOU ARE HMMMM? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh I have a chance at PWA now!?
yep funny that, nice joke yen. Going against your own word. Yep

What word? I have no words.

use a loop. graal is too dumb to do what you have.