Click Warp!

Hey guys! Written entirely by me with some help from Urza (considering it is my second script), I see it as a masterpiece! Great for any server, and it comes with a complimentary image >:)

Anyway, here it is.

if(playerenters)toweapons Staff/Click Warp;
if(weaponfired)this.on = (this.on +1)%2;
if(mousedown && this.on == 1){

Fire the weapon to turn it off, then fire it again to turn it off.

Click where you want to warp.

And it only took me 2 hours :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use this for anything, all I ask is that you thank/Rep me :slight_smile: Much appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks! Here is the image:

I thought mouse down is a passive flag o.0 should be:

if (playerenters)toweapons clickwarp;
if (weaponfired){
if (this.on==1 && timeout){
  if (leftmousebutton){

Click where you want to warp.:):stuck_out_tongue:

And it only took me 2 minutes.

Lol, TRICXTAS doesn’t work and his does. I’m having fun while my pet bat is trying to catch up to me lolololol.

mine should work >:( it should always work but then again I got the excuse that im working with a shit keyboard and I did it all online without checking for syntax/logic errors offline :smugbert:

Mine work Tric :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t post anything else I want people to use mine >:) It works for me and Benjiro, and it came with a great image lol.

Mine works perfectly :stuck_out_tongue: My second script ever, too!

That means mouse down is a active flag :0 My GoD! and here i was being stupid using leftmousebutton and shit on a timer… meh im still gunna continue doing it my way :shrug:

Nice work Alex.

Thanks, lol. First day scripting >:)

About to post a boot script :slight_smile:

this.on = abs(this.on-1);

is better than

this.on = 1-this.on;

Why would you constantly run a timeout loop when there is a perfectly fine function to catch actions for you?

because im special :facehoof:

Because you suck.

So what if I do, hey spooon can you make a decent qmenu? Oh no wait a minute… you cant!

Guys, cut the spam >.< Post only if you have questions/comments/concerns/thank-yous

When did I say I couldn’t make a Q-Menu? When did anyone, besides you say that?

If you’re refering to when I asked you to script that stats menu with the tabs, I asked you to do that because I’m too lazy to work on Zolderon myself. I ended up completely changing the script anyways because it was a piece of shit.

Spooon…Shoot him a PM or meet him in game if you want to continue with this pointless argument. It is only spam to get your post count up :confused: So please stop.

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