Client for Mac ?

So, I have a Mac and I was wondering if there was a version of the game for Mac. I tried running the .exe file with Wineskin Winery, (uses Wine) I can log in, the problem is, when I try to connect to a server, the application just closes and I can’t play. Can anybody help ? Thank you.

I don’t know of anybody here actively using a Mac. I just bought a MacBook Air, but I haven’t bothered trying Graal on it. (I apparently need Xcode to install Wine and I don’t have the Internet to handle a 1.5 gb download.) I would just recommend a cheap pc. :stuck_out_tongue:

CrossOver’s wine binaries are the only ones I could use for graal. You have to pay to get them legitimately.

I tried the CrossOver application, but it seems that, when I go on a server, the screen is black and I can’t see the game…

I just tried and it is not working. The screen is still black.

Then I have no clue. Sorry. If I had a Mac I would’ve checked it out.

Get crossover games

@Cadavre: Thanks anyway.
@hosler: I tried, it shows only a black screen.

Turn off directx

How do I do that ?

Well fist install all the fonts you need in a winxp bottle. Thats what i did by using their automated stuff. After that i went into the graal options and turned off lights and it worked well.