Client Login design contest

Rules: Do not steal content. Theme should match current style of site and forums or use a color scheme like it. You may bend on this if you think something else would fit better.

Choose placement of buttons, texts and dropdowns.
Design buttons and background.

Remember: Know the limits of what we’re capable to do to the client. You may post and we’ll judge if it’s doable.

Nope, only design can be changed.

Bump! I’d still like someone to attempt this!

If Riley wants to make a nice BG for it I can make the interface.

edit: the reason why is because even after all this time has passed I still haven’t thought of anything that would form the UI.

Can always make a new tab in the server list and have each server be a line of news. Fun hack

Or have a server for each day the news is published named August 8th or something and have the server info the news. Also can anyone lead me towards some guides on moving the buttons and such on 2.22 client?

Don’t think you can move anything. Only replace the graphics.

Choose placement of buttons, texts and dropdowns.
Design buttons and background.”

Yeah I think you can move buttons. xD
Anyway the reason I need some sort of BG object is for creativity’s sake.

we should make a new client.

Yeah! PyGraal!

There is a new client currently in development… But for now we reshack the old one :stuck_out_tongue:

We just need an image of how it would look, and the assets when it’s done. We will do the rest. Hint: Take a screenshot of the current login-screen and you’ll see which buttons and areas that needs to be added.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Also, a mockup of how the server list will look is appreciated.

could you please tell us some details of that “new client”?

You’ll get the information when it’s done.


anything I can use for references would be useful. Still interested in dat collab I suggested earlier, Riley.

edit; I mean I can do the measurements myself and just throw shit together there, but if there’s anything you guys definitely need for measurements I should know.

Riley’s done with GR. And I’m already one foot out the door.

What a pleasant thing to say…

For the most part sadly, it is :stuck_out_tongue:

GR is kinda a stressful thing as stupid as it sounds xD
When you sit through nothing but arguments, people going and coming constantly ect it really does make you want to leave :o
Can you blame him really?

“he’ll be back”

“yeah but I’m not Yenairo”

He will be back. You can’t leave when you’ve spent oodles of money on a site. Plus, he’s still browsing the site.

I could try to design one, but the shading would suck