Client progress


no rush here


yeah Graal might be dying but even if it takes you years to complete this, it will be reborn eventually

k I’ll stop now



___Merged doublepost__________________

did it even make sense? lol


Make that potentially the end of NEXT month now… this is ridiculous.


Overtime has finally ended. I’m sort of feeling the interest in this, but I have a lot of other life drama going on still. I can’t make any promises at this point.


at least youre still letting us know


I hope all that overtime made you rich.


I paid off my car.


very nice


I think this was the thread i was looking for. Codr, i sent you a pm. You can get back to me here, skype, or by email. hopefully looking forward to working with you. let me know what you need.


I actually did some work on this over the weekend, although not much. The drive isn’t as lost as I thought it was, at least.


row row fight the power
do the impossible codr


Dude don’t play with my feelings and keep going :slight_smile:



<3 Please keep going codr


Has it really been this long? Wow. I’m not even going to think about making any promises, but I’m still working on this off and on.


So what?


At least he didn’t post a “fuck reborn I’m leaving” message which seems to be a reoccurring theme here.

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Is the source code available? I can probably help contribute to development.


No. This is just something I want to do on my own.


Last time I posted in this thread was many years ago considering development.