Closing Down Xialza

It’s been fun and all. But trust me, I can do better.

Tricxta --- GFX/LAT/NAT <---His best field :O
Kondie --- GFX/LAT/Owner
Yenairo --- LAT/GFX
Spooon --- LAT/GFX/NAT
Saputo --- GFX/LAT
Steffir --- FAQ
Urza --- HOSTER

Well Xialza is dead. :smiley:



Don’t worry, it’s not the last server I’ll be making.

:o I wonder what the next one will be

___Merged doublepost__________________

Ill make a food server. Food wars on a server wide bases. jokez

You ought to keep working on it so you can build up the system/events/monsters to use on later projects. You guys can carry those over to a fresh overworld once you get everything else running smooth.

You’re a couple notches above the playground servers for establishing a team and working on multiple fronts. The levels are even starting to clean up and look presentable–you’re way too worried about hackers and criticism.

also kondie, i did GFX and LAT… :frowning: how could you forget

What the hell, I put in TOO much time for you guys to kill it. Come the fuck on. Pull yourselves together.

Too bad. Already had Urza wipe the server. :open_mouth: I kept a backup for future reference.

I’m gonna kill you.
No really.
I swear to god if you don’t make a new server soon…-

Already working on one. PM me if you’re interested again.

Sign me and Spooon up. We were still making Centurio while you ripped us away from Xialza >:U

Adding you back now.

lmfao I ignored it too so I’ve never even seen it


you didnt miss much gllt, just some good ol fashioned dodgy scripting and all

Bloody cunt ox. I should slay you all for this.

Will I be reimbursed for my 16000 moneys?

Onijustin had 40,126 Gold. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im this now? :frowning: i thought…

You both need to harden the fuck up and continue it.

so I am a bloody cunt ox?

:cry: … :emo: … :suicide: …