Club Apocalypse

DOOM CHARLIE, DOOM! Club Apocalypse is a pretty cool club, make sure you’re on the list. Tell me what you think of it.
btw I’ll make the other rooms later on

Of all the levels you’ve ever posted, this may be my favorite. Nice seteffect level, decent low-alpha lighting, dig the floor tiling, and your use of those green tiles in the walls is really nice. The only thing I would suggest is to add an x = x+.5 to the lights, just so they’ll be directly over the lanterns.

First off its x=int(x)+.5; This is because int(x) will always cut off the decimal and bringing x back to its original position and then you just add on the .5.

The level is pretty ok, while the floor is okayish its a pretty copied style and has been done better before. The walls look like they were part-influenced by the classic iPhone levels. Im really digging the seteffect though. Overall I think this is the best level yet to have come from you. Good job

Seteffect is actually your disco script and I based the level off of your Nexus-Level

You forgot those chunky parts of the wall then o.0

I wasn’t gonna make exactly the same lol

I like this level too; good seteffect, the shape is nice, I like the “grass” in the walls.

I agree with Riley about the floor tiles though.

You are definitely getting better and I think your levels on Noddess look nice as well.
Keep it up.

once I the LATs on Noddess and I finish the new town we can all party in it :smiley:

That is honestly very beautiful xD

What happened to the contrast/saturation?

my parents had a spaz and made me delete this along with everything else to do with graal :frowning:
does someone have a .PNG to .NW program?

lol no


Maybe they’re right. Leave now while you still can.

Tricxta made me come back. If he didn’t come back to Kondie Dev, I wouldn’t be here. I still regret not taking my chance at leaving Graal, don’t make the same mistake, Benjiro…

Or make a similiar level.