Happy birthday, some great people were born on this day!


Am I the only one that never knows it’s sombodies birthday? Hell I miss my own usually… At any rate, happy birthday Codr! We couldn’t have gotten here without you, so we definitely need to celebrate your revolution around the sun!

He hasn’t actually done anything yet.

Yeah, I haven’t fixed the issue in the GServer that prevented large weapons from working, and whatever else that may have fixed at the same time. I also haven’t mapped out most of the bytecode for the newer clients. I didn’t create a program to view the bytecode in a more readable way. Nor have I opened up the 6.0 client for future research. (Just to put credit where it’s due, Cadavre helped with the bytecode stuff a bit.)

The client is worth a mention, but the work on it has been pathetically slow.

Anyway, birthdays are just another boring day.

Happy, or less boring, birthday!

Happy birthday, I don’t give a shit on whether or not you’re an asshole, I just want you to enjoy your birthday.

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

Grats on everyone not understanding my indirect hint within the first post.

Happy birthday my_tea_4?

erhmm… Happy birthday… someone!

Oh. Happy birthday, Thor.

Happy Birthday to both of you! It may not be much, but I’m thinking good thoughts your way(s).

A winrar is you.

  • thanks others.

You guys also share Tesla’s birthday :smiley:

And I happen to be a believer that much of his work has been suppressed in order to maintain financial shackling among other things.

happy bizzirth