Come play bomber arena, I want star explosions

I challenge YOU

ps.: the level editor is awesome O_O

Ill play, :smiley:

Been a while since I’ve stomped kids on Bomber. Let’s see if Graal client will work…

Now I just need to know what you guys play.

I got mah star explosions :smiley:
Will idle tomorrow evening if nothing better comes up.

How did you already get enough for it?

you taught me everything I know lol
I should hop on some time too if I can find the time.

I’ll be idling on Bomber all day. I get disconnected every once in a while so if I’m not on wait a bit before just leaving.

Seeker screwed the editable levels :open_mouth:


[citation needed]
They screwed themselves up, and I partially fixed them.

No, it’s my fault. My couldn’t connect to the server so I forced myself in by updating the level I was in with RC. Doing so corrupted my account file which caused the rooms I walked into to reset because I didn’t have the system weapon for the rooms.

Marlon can fix everything with a server backup.

I logged in earlier, I saw no issues? Anyway, my backup is ancient. Not that much has changed content wise but all stats would be gone.

No backup plz, I like my stats.