Community Request

Hey can anybody help with a couple of things? I need some people to help finish Star Wars Graal. This is my todo list, if anybody could help out it would be great. I need a good NPC developer and a lot of level designers.

Main Scripting Need:

  1. “Head icon” on the sign, when you touch the stormtrooper found in developer.nw (the sign head icon changes only online based on screen size, it needs to stay in one place)

  2. The empire won’t attack the rebel npc for some reason in developer.nw

Other Help Needed:

  1. Level designers to make everything smooth and add characters and scenes everywhere.

  2. Quests on all the existing planet levels with the “head icon” npc and exclamation point icon above the characters, and battles with the rebels/empire npcs once fixed.

My Future Goals: (already have all the graphics to do these,)
5. Double the number of Characters to the expanded universe list
6. Create animations for all the ships and make scenes (have base angles already)

Please help with the scripting if you know how. I will be around, and figure out what I can. This community is great, let’s keep it that way. If you know anyone that would play and help out tell them. Thanks!

You can’t make stuff dependant on screen size afaik.

Is there a way to make the floating image appear over top of a sign when it pops up? It loads the head front view of the npc, and offline no matter the screensize it’s always in the right place, but online it moves vertically and I can’t figure it out.

You can make an image part of a sign popup…

Oh ok how do I do that? Didn’t know.

let me check

use #i

Awesome thanks. Any way you could take a look at the two npc’s in the [enemies.nw?] warp link on developer.nw? I couldn’t figure out the empire, the rebel attacks, the empire doesn’t.

Ok I’m curious, send that to me I’ll check it out.
My discord is

Ok give me about 30 minutes, downloading the files now, on a work computer.

I won’t be on discord in half an hour so when you send the files I’ll just download them later.

Ok let me know when you get a chance.