Connection couldn't be established

This is probably temporary but this is what happens when I try to connect right now:

Yeah, that’s probably the list server down.

Shit’s dumb anyways

I’ll fix this at some point

I wouldn’t bother hosting the listserver dude, it’s not like there’s actually anything to do on the servers. I guess all we can do is wait for codr to finish his engine.

Is it that much more of a problem than just running a command line software and using up some bandwidth?

Stand by

Seems fixed, tnx hosler.

2 servers O_O

Land of Sporks stil alive strong 2015 making rap album of graal do not forget ww graal we killed 200 unixmads

yo dylan your mixtape was FIRE yo

Long time not seeing Windows XP

We still use it here at work lol

XP is a great OS but Win8 will be awesome to use once I get a new computer. I just hope I’ll be able to customize out the useless metro and that weird screen separation option I’ve never understood.

I’m using Win8.1 right now. I haven’t run into compatibility issues but I just wish the system didn’t use so much of my CPU while it is doing nothing. Also the minor changes they made between XP and 8 (since I had been using XP for like 7-8 years) drive me nuts.