Content Theft, Staff Tools, etc

I just wanted to lay out a few things for those of you working on servers that are hiring staff. The following is for your future reference and we will be redirecting people to this thread in the event of further complaints of content theft or other staff abuses.

#1. Security is YOUR responsibility
Giving RC/Admin rights exposes your server–the more rights a staff member has, the more they can access. Levels, scripts, etc are up for grabs. If you limit somebody’s rights, but fail to block their ability to edit the accounts folder, they can simply give themselves the other rights anyway. Further, you do have the ability to secure any content you do not want accessed by general staff by creating a folder within the levels folder and limiting access to yourself.

#2. Staff Tools
While I believe this is self-regulating, keep in mind that staff tools are often destructive to server development and can negatively effect the community’s opinion of your server. Please show courtesy to guests on your server and moderate out staff items that negatively effect game play.

Here are some examples of abuse that may draw PWA intervention:
>Admin Message Spam: There is rarely need for admin messages, they are extremely annoying, please do not spam with them.
>Abuse Tools: Warping players out of bounds, messing with their attributes, instant kill weapons and so forth.

#3. Server/Staff Wars
While the PWA has limited moderating power, we will not be tolerating further complaints of stolen content and do not want to hear about it on the forums. Should a debate get out of hand we do have the power to reduce both servers down a tab until we feel the situation is back under control. The moderators reserve the right to delete further offending threads and posts, and even ban individual accounts should they persist.

Questions or comments anyone?

where can i find lvl 2 shield ?

…This is about Content theft,staff tools and server wars.
Not a bleeping Graal the Adventure FAQ.

Anyway, good stuff.

I agree with this fully, it si the owners Problem of the server not the PWA’s and should never be the PWA’s problem if the Owner does not know how to run a safe server that not the PWA o GR’s problem.

wow… thank you various weapon i think ill keep this in mind o.0

I fully agree with this; it is the owner’s problem not the PWAs, nor should it be the PWAs problem if the owner does not know how to run a safe server.

I’m sure that’s what you meant before you mangled it with logic.

Quick close this thread before the bullshit hits the fan, and that is just smelly.

share the graphics!


The C# NPCServer’s source isn’t on the SVN!