Contrast Debate

Before I start I just want to say that if anyone points out that I’m suffering from “butthurt syndrome” or anything similar when I’ve just prepared a serious discussion I’ll quit RIGHT now.

Alright, since we can’t discuss this there, I’ll discuss it HERE.
The problem with your example was you put the white square on a dark cold color such as purple. (pretty biased)
I have prepared 3 squares, (1 = 128 RGB 2 = 200 RGB 3 = 100 RGB). Stare at the red dot and tell me which one stands out.

  1. It should be hands down both squares, since I put both ends of the contrast on the middle point. They both should equally stand out. Midpoint as in, 128 is in the middle of 0 and 255.
  2. This is the “bright” square. Black HAS to stand out.
  3. This is the “dark” square. White is definitely the one to stand out.

Now, the purpose wasn’t to snub your nose in it and all of us start feeling butthurt, let’s discuss.

I believe that contrast in tilesets is NOT an issue, since it should have NO contrast to it at all. It’s a tileset, it’s ONE environment, and unless through use of color to force something to stand out, NOTHING should stand out.

oh so you’d rather I take out the red dot? It makes no difference.

No. That’s not the point of the red dot. The eye would be caught by the colors SIMPLY BECAUSE of the same illusion that happens when you stare at the red dot too long.

history should never have anything to do with anyone especially if they keep their trolling in misc.

I’m starting to put together 1 and 1 here about all you guys and I don’t like what I’m getting.

Oh so you’re taking the elitist route eh? I’ve been making art for 9-10 years, I think I know my shit as good or better than anyone.
If anything, what with your experience, were you trying to trick me, or bias against me when you used purple for the background to prove highlights. You can’t be that stupid as to think that it was a legit color.

That’s quite a claim you got there…

both of the boxes look stupid

yeah sure I’m no Picasso, and I probably am not even as good as Riley when it comes to spriting, but I am good with a pencil, and I am also good with digital art.

Also, just cause I called bs on you doesn’t mean you have to make a post like I cared enough to make a scathing post at you. (that one was pretty level-headed compared to others I have made in the past)

Riley wasn’t trying to trick anyone he was just helping me out with a visual aide explaining his crit good job harassing his balls off son.


Okay, there was what Riley was doing for you, and there was what Riley was doing to fight (or for lack of a better word…) with me about our personal preferences with contrast.

so yen u did some pretty awesome finger paintings when you were six?

White box for all three. This is stupid, and there shouldn’t even be a discussion on this.