Could it be?


I didn’t realize the game was actually finally coming out. Got bored, and took a look and noticed it was coming out in May. :slight_smile:

I assume you are getting the Balls of Steel edition, right?

I only started noticing it because my friends on facebook started posting links about it. This makes me extremely happy. :smiley: I’ve missed me some Duke Nukem.

Unsure, too pricey for my tastes but I’ve waited a long time on this game.

Probably just going to get the regular game.

Cheaper than other super special limited editions. At least it is $90 instead of $120. Oh wait. You guys are probably gonna buy the inferior console version.

I still love playing Duke3D to this day (via the awesome EDuke32), so if this is anywhere near as good I’ll be impressed. I’ll probably wait for a Steam sale though.

No need for fanboyism. I cannot afford to keep a computer up to date every 3-5 years.

I’ve always been found of home gaming systems, I tried many games on the computer but I just can’t grip PC controls.

I’ve only played D3D and Time to Kill (<< Is that right? I can’t remember) I haven’t heard of any coming out lately so I figured it was pretty awesome.

so this is what is meant when all those crazy folks say the world is going to end in may 2011. for real. this is true.

It would be better if it came out in 2012. :expressionless: