Could we turn graal into a MMO where players build the world directly on the server?

Do you guys think graal could be turned into something like this:

Would it be so hard to make it so people can open the editor directly on the server in write mode, and edit the levels directly?

Is there any graal map editor that works outside of the graal client? Like one that we could modify to connect directly on a server edit, and send an updatelevel signal…

I don’t know if there are any projects about rebuilding the client that might have gone serious, but if so i’d like to see if I can help with my new C++ skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Reverse engineering component by component shouldn’t be impossible to do, it’s just taking some time to read how data is structured in each type of file and rebuilding a way of getting the data in order…

All this requires is a slight modification of the read and write log triggerhacks, so yer this is definately an achievable proposal if you’d call it that.

problem with this is people would edit levels to grief/add cheat tools

I got lost in the catacombs of the ever-changing Bomber Arena apartments time and again. I can’t imagine a server with such calamity. Also, I recall in G2k1 players could lay their own draisine track - it left much to be desired; that is, a desire to not let people do that.

I like where this is going.

Yer, let’s recreate bombers furniture system. YEAH!!!

uhhhh… you can if you want, but that would mean one less thing of Bomber is unique.

We should try to come up with new things to preserve the old stuff’s individuality.

Terraria/Junk Jack server all the way.

^^ I support this post

Why can’t we do something like WoW but make it graal style?

…get out

Don’t be mean to the new guy mang.

oh he’s not new

But maybe he’s a new person!

new person, new idiot, it’s no difference to me. Anyone who suggests something I find wrong with I have a right to vote against.

MKnance or whatever his name is has a chance to redeem himself by not throwing a temper-tantrum this time, and I don’t think he wants to blow it by looking like an idiot either. It’s best if you think a bit more about the history of Graal and all the possible things that might go wrong, or might be impossible to do before suggesting something.

Why can’t you all just play free Graal and shut up?

It seems like you’d have the most to lose from us doing that.

If we shut up who would you tell to shut up?! That’s part of the charm of Graal Reborn. Spooon putting someone(s) in their place.

I don’t think the universe could handle it.

an event server . myself and saputo were talking about this a few days ago . basically recreate bomber and add more automated events for players to log in and play . I’ve tried many times to convince jonus to put bomber back up but he seems determined to just tinker with it offline and improve the graphics but not put it back on reborn .

this is whats wrong with the community . just cause you have an opinion don’t mean you have a right to voice your “tantrum” bs . your the one throwing the fit, not him . now stop being an ass and try to get along with other people in the community or just get out of it in the case that you cant .

sorry I like to be realistic and argumentative. >_>;

Some of the older peeps may recall back in 1.3.5 to 1.4.1 people like Da CheetA, m1nt, Otaku Link and dozens of others running around ruining levels by filling them up with houses and junk tiles. Not really a “feature” but it did effect all players and did not go away until the server was reset. So yes it is possible, but it opens up the insanity of over 9000 GOATSEs and would be more of a trolling party than a serious thing.