Crazy request for a custom client, can anyone help?

Okay, so I got together with a few friends, and we’re building a Graal Server. The original Graal Reborn client is great, buuuut we’re looking for something more personalized. We’ve gotten SOME progress done by decompiling the exe’s assets and reskinning things with simple file replacement. But our main goal is to reroute the “Start” button on the main screen to connect directly to our server, rather than taking users to the server list as a whole. I personally don’t know a ton about coding, but it’s my understanding that I need the source code for Reborn. I was hoping that maybe someone with similar interest could join me on this idea, and possibly even help create a “template” for other servers to do the same if they’d like. Sure, it’s a little selfish, but I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting a Game-Specific client. It would be wicked cool, and makes things look more professional in my opinion. Thanks in advance!

selfish, all of you

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All you can do can do with the client is everything you’ve already done.

Do you think that completely writing a custom, brand-new one from scratch would be possible?

You may try but it would be an utter waste of time.

Why’s that? Would it not be possible anyway?

The entire Graal engine is built into the client. So unless you’re planning on remaking the entirety of Graal, go ahead and make a new client.

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Sounds ambitious, but I’d take on the challenge.

Welcome to the club of those trying to make the new client. Along with tricxta with attemptX, codr with his unnamed project and rou with nostalgia realms.
If you have programming knowledge or are willing to pay someone to do it, that is.