Creating a New Account

Can somebody fix the account creation page? It’s been broken for a couple weeks and I have a few friends that want to play with me.

I’ve been lending people my alts, but that’s okay because it helps me further confuse people. Should still be fixed.

Yall need to tell me when it breaks. I’ll set aside some time this weekend to look at it.

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Will do in the future. Also hosler pls pm me back. <3

okay registration appears to be fixed.

someone try to upload a pic or whatever else was broken and tell me what happens.

Is there any way we can make it so that the full 80 x 80 profile picture is shown on the forums rather than a slightly minimized version?


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yup it works!


Edit: Also SQL server is down?

good grief. go ask the creators of vbulletin. i dunno.

what do you mean the sql server is down?

Well now my account doesnT stay logged in between sessions :(…

my growing apathy is becoming too overbearing for me to function. this is why we need another admin since im so damn lazy.

also 2ndwolf, sessions work fine for me. maybe stop using weird browsers.

I’m using chrome and this time it worked… so go figure X_X
Everything seems ok now (Y)

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