I’d like to do a CTF event for the server but first I’d like to hear your ideas on what kind of features would be fun for it…

Implementable or not, I think with logfiles and putnpc most would be implementable anyway, cuz I’m crazy.

So, ideas?

I will record CTF next time I am on iEra, maybe you can get some ideas with that. (Assuming that it will be hosted when I am online.)


First have a limited number of players walk into a room (I saw you had something like that already last time I checked).

Assign ‘Blue’ to the first 10 people that enter and ‘Red’ to the next 10. (Just an example, colors and numbers are up to you).

Warp all ‘Blue’ to one side of a new level. Warp all ‘Red’ to the other side.

Have a huge building in the middle of the level with the flag on the roof.
Players try to get to the top of roof (don’t make it too high, just 2 floors with 2 staircases on each side)
and bring the flag back to there base to score a point.

You can have a time or score limit set.
The players on the team that win could be assigned a certain number of gralats (manually by the admin) or by code. Same applies for other prizes, that’s also up to you, go crazy lol.

Anyway, just a random idea.

I’m devising an npcw everybody will have that will, for example, enable shooting infinite arrows with a cooldown upon pressing e.

It is possible. I have no faith in you managing to make a decent version of CTF.

Like I need spooon’s faith :slight_smile:

I got by without it just fine.

I am mucking around with an NPC server, I can’t seem to get it to successfully run. It gives me “Invalid packet [16], Invalid Password”

Would that make it easier to make CTF?


It could, but it’s not required.

I’ll make you one for $20

A 20$ NPC-server?
Why don’t we have one already O_o

He’ll make you CTF… :confused:

this is your 666th post
this one

you planned this from the start didn’t you

So laugh I forgot to funny.

We do. Multiples actually.