Custom baddy graphics / template

I actually made something for the community. The side sprites are still a work in progress as is one of the up sprites. I mapped all the baddy sprites by renaming this baddyblue.png, drawing multi colored squares where said sprites are arranged on the baddy, then, loading up the editor. If you want an easy test you can do the same. Feel free to use on your server just credit me somewhere. I will probably do a few more of these I can also edit opps.png so you can drag and drop from the editor.

How hard would it be for you scripters to code a truly custom baddy? Lets say a necromancer that raises fallen skellies or a bat that flies around. Assuming I make all the sprites and ganis? I’m content to just reskin the baddies for now and I can leave certain frames blank allowing me to make a different of type enemy to work around restrictions of the built in code… but new / fun content = players and I feel we’ve been stuck with vanilla soldiers and shitty drawn lizard people for several decades now and while there are 18 thousand hats and head files nobody even made a template for baddies until today.

What you’re asking for can easily be achieved. The only problem is the use of putnpc in a script given the unstable nature of the gserver, so if you spam putnpc, it eventually crashes the server. A work around is to include the npcs that would be summoned inside the level and hide them initially, then unhide and move them appropriately when summoned. That’s what I do on Phoenix at least to circumvent the problem, would that be an issue?

Good to know (Y)

Sorry my phone won’t let me like or quote or edit. That would work as there would always be a limit of how many he could summon / revive / active in one level. In some cases could just turn to corpse when defeated until it is re-risen. Depends if its summoning out of an evil demension or just raising defeated skeletons.

Raising defeated enemies is probably the easiest, I’m assuming?


I’ll finish up skeleton tomorrow also working on a couple more varaiations of the classic baddies. I have some internet issues I’m having to connect here through my phone because somehow I wasn’t paying attention and right click deleted my task bar and network app. I am having moderate success connecting to wifi through terminal commands. It’s not always working though.

Ok so I cleaned up the side directions on the skeleton ( it can still use some better shading )

I also made a green slime. The image with transparency set is on the same sprite layout as a typical baddy.

The good thing is its plug and play by renaming the image over a baddy.

The bad news is animation suffers this way so I am making a custom slime as well which is the blue background and the animated GIF.

Lastly we have a work in progress its a POT HEAD beware it will kill murder and violate your dead body just to steal your gralats so it can buy more tokes never trust a pot head.

You should make the slime “squish” when it hits the ground. Makes the animations look less flat.

Chest monster I made for FTO. Even though it’s a box it still squishes. You should exaggerate all the animations. it looks more distinct when there’s a shadow also.

You’re (also) a fine pixel artist, chicken.

Thank you I’ll tweak the slime some. I am also making a bat updates soon. Nice chest monster btw I am making a few chest traps one is a haunted chest where a ghost comes out when you open it, one spawns random baddies like bats and shit, one explodes, and the last one has green thorny tentacles that come out at you.

XD the lat one sounds awesome. Look forward to seeing it in action.