custom hats

Does anyone know how to upload custom hats into my server? When i try it puts nothing on my head.

There should be a folder called hats in the same directory as the folder heads. Put your hats there.

Then you’ll need a custom script as there’s no command for setting hats through the client or rc.
Just copy and paste this into a level on your server and you’re set!

if (playerenters){
  if (!isweapon)toweapons -hatSet;

if (playerchats){
  if (startswith(sethat,#c)){
    setstring this.hat,#e(7,strlen(#c)-7,#c);
    setplayerprop #P1,#s(this.hat);
    setani haton,;

All you do then, is say sethat hat1.png and it’ll place hat1.png on your players head. This can be done for any hat as long as it’s uploaded to your hats folder on your server.

Finn hats

Ok does this work for hats that you made? thanks.

Works for all hats.

Idk i renamed one of the hats i made to hat1 then said it in game but it gave me nothing

Well try make the hat show as an image in the level through the use of a npc or something. If it does show, I don’t know what you’ve done then…