Custom Sprites

I just think there should be an option in the serveroptions.txt to change the name of an image and that changes the servers sprites. So like “Sprites = sprites.png” and then you can change that to whatever image your sprites would be. :open_mouth:

Yeah, I wanted to change leaps, but it’s clientside atm. So…

Yeah, that makes sense. Not sure how you could go about that though. XD

I don’t waaaannaaa…
Too lazy yawn

Not possible with this client version. Script it yourself instead.

Oh well. I guess being lazy has it’s limits.

@Cadavre Alright, what program is used to open the client?

He means script it with GS1, not program the triggeractionhack or anything. Sheesh.

Triggeractions are controlled through the Gserver. Since I couldn’t find anything about the sprites in the Gserver buikd, I assumed he would be meaning for me to open the client. I guess I’ll just make my own sprites system, lol.

Sprites are deprecated, you should be using ganis.

I did custom leaps. It was easy. O__o

Who said it wasn’t easy? I just think this would be even easier.

Getting someone to update the GServer is easier than scripting it? You’re out of your mind.

Changing of sprites is not supported until client v5. Sorry. Gonna have to just deal with it. Or develop your own custom GUI NPC.