Custom Title?


So just do it directly from your card. :confused:


guess what better than a custom title

a popcorn ball


because a thirteen year old has a credit card


and better than that is a heart shaped popcorn ball.


Not my problem.


Can an admin give me a title Lord of the Stupids


well look at me. i get no upgrades.


^He asked for it.


It’s not a bad title, it implied he owns the land which is currently in possession of the Stupids family.


My title implies that I am the king of a place called Zolderon.


Im not sure who made me sir smoke some pot but I love it and thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess that was me. However, since you’re VIP you can change it yourself!

Begging won’t get you anywhere! No, we will not hand out titles, they’re useless and something we add to people for hilarity.

To be VIP, you have to have done something for GR or just have been part of our community for a loooong time.

Thread closed.