Custom Title?


I’m just curious as to how people get that custom title under their name. Might anyone be able to tell? Thanks.


if you donate $100 you can get one


Thats unbelieveable…


If you’re VIP (Yellow Name) you can change it at will.

There are however, names that you get for posting. I think over 200-300 posts is Member with No Life, and that’s the maximum.

At one point Joey installed the shop system to the forums and we could spend experience on items. It was chaos and people were changing each other’s titles. Some of the bad ones (like Mirage’s THIEF!!!) stayed I think, and someone ripped off my title a long while ago. Kinda pissed about that.


well darn
so much for getting a custom title lol


There’s no point to them. Though I would LOVE to change mine to something that is farther from the truth. Heheh.


You can’t change it if you donate, though. It just stays as “donor.” The only way you can get it is if you pester an admin, or somehow become a V.I.P. which is pretty much impossible.


Impossible you say? I logged on on day and I was VIP. Shortly after that I logged on and was magically a Super Moderator. If I can do it without trying, I’m sure you guys can figure it out.


ya you become vip u see sepcial threads by me ;)))


I thought you had to have ties with cad or another admin irl to get VIP lol. Me and several other people who donated only got donor status haha, we’re not important enough :frowning:


do it , its great .


lol instead of the above happening to us, I’m sure they’d stick us in the “Annoying Faggots” usergroup. xD


you said it


I am proud to be a donor.


Organ doner


i taped the words “GR Donor” to the back of my ID.



i dont get it


That’s because you were one of the early members, and had connections to people here.


I’d donate but it’s kind of hard to do PayPal stuff when you’re under 18.