Daft Punk

He would any of you be fans… anyways they arent new but I made this to talk about their helmets, I heard its insanely expensive to make them but I saw some people make some replicas on youtube. Any of you would try making one?

if you make it ill wear it.

I have entire discography + Interstella 5555

thats fucking awesome :slight_smile: ]

and there pretty good :slight_smile:

I’ve listened to them since 97-98~. And no, it probably isn’t that expensive if you know how to do it yourself.

Don’t they give those helmets out at their concerts?

That’s what I thought.

Huh? if they did it wouldnt be fancy led lights and stuff in it I don’t think.

Could you rephrase that, please, so that the rest of us are able to read it?