Damtaria is hiring



Levels Team

Scripting Team

Development Team

personal questions

1 what is the most used nickname and account you use ?

2 do you have exiprience in one of this positions?

3 how much time will you hold this position?

4 and do you have any personal chores or works that wont let you work?

[/COLOR] please send the application to my mail and add one of YOUR work in the email, to [email protected] , forum pm or message in graal thanks

You don’t need a team to create a playerworld. There’s not enough players here that you’d need to churn out content that fast. If you’re incapable of doing any of the work, learn or just do without. There’s plenty of stuff floating around on the forums that you can learn from.

Have you planned anything out for your server besides the name? Tell us what “Damtaria” is all about convince us why we would want to work on your server… MAKE US UNDERSTAND!!!

my plans for Damtria are that you have to do quests and well you have to choose if you go to the good way or you become evil, i have events but im focusing more in development than events ill complete the events when part of the server is complete we will have weapons and morphs for players, and for staff team they have all the tools to work, im not that good in outsides but ill try, also we will have player houses and shops… that is what my server makes intresting and to Sublime

so yeah i need some help too yeah

assesin you might as well not bother to post about hiring’s . There is no collaboration here, most people do their own thing or just don’t do anything at all . build the server up a bit yourself and one or two people may show up looking to help out but no one is going to help out a new server from scratch .

The community here is nothing like official . (Riley: That’s not a bad thing to be honest)

that is what i call a real advice , thanks Loakey