Dark Knight shooting

I think he made that minor error of “shooting of a movie,” and “shooting at a movie.”

Either way, idgaf, but discuss.

Meh. Crazy guy killed people. I don’t really know what else there is to say.

He dyed his hair red to look like the joker, he booby trapped his house, and he wore swat tactical gear to cover every piece of his body. I just don’t understand why he told the cops that his house was booby trapped, after shooting over 70 people, killing 12 - what is another few lives? I don’t understand the motive to any of this at all, he wears tactical gear but they arrested him immediately after they arrived with no problems. Not that he ran out of ammo, apparently he bought over two thousand bullets including a 100-round drum. At least if he killed a police officer from his booby-trapped house he’d of gotten the death penalty, now instead he is going to just sit in jail for the next 100 years. funfun

But on a different note, the movie was pretty good but I don’t think I ever wanted to see batman kill someone so badly lol…

Because it doesn’t cost the government anything after all it’s our tax money being wasted lol

And this, this is why I pirate movies

There’s something to be said about media coverage on this shit though. Next time I decide to fuck my life over, I’ll make sure I shoot up a bunch of people in broad daylight. Then at least people will know my name. In seriousness though, the guy is getting huge attention over something that should be ignored and taken care of.

But then again, do news stations ever have anything better to report?

he did this at midnight

Isn’t about time we blame Marilyn Manson or Black Sabbath for their role in the shooting?

Dude, that’s so 80s of you. The popular scapegoat is videogames. xD

Apparently he is a neuroscience major or something like that and he just snapped

Look at some of this guys videos and presentations, and also the programs he was apart of and the medications he was taking. Look at how this guy is acting in jail and in court. Look at the ordinance and amount of rounds used. Look at the fact that police style smoke grenades were thrown from multiple directions and over 100 rounds shot. This guy could not and did not do all this. There were at least 4 others in ski masks and black uniforms in that theater that did most of the heavy wet-work. This is yet another problem-reaction-solution false flag with a drugged out patsy that can barely tie his own shoes and spits on the floor. That town and theater had a total gun ban, yet they are blaming the second amendment as the problem. They are also trying to use this as an excuse to bring out the naked body scanners and genital touchers everywhere people go. Look at who is hyping this, what they are hyping, and the ridiculous facts involved.

There’s no doubt that the news is utter bullshit. It’s over-hyped nonsense with only a hint of truth in it.

“They wanted the full movie, in the end they only got clips.”
Some of the jokes are extremely “here’s a ticket to hell” worthy though.

The story is now that a few dudes stepped in front of bullets to shield their girlfriends. Those few dudes died and their girlfriends lived.

I love my girlfriend and all, but…well, you know.

“Cool story bro, too bad it never happened?”


There is a sound clip in that article of the police dispatch recordings. Nothing earth shattering, but you can hear how the severity of the situation escalates the more police start demanding for ambulances.

What I’ve been hearing lately:
It was a setup by the government
There were policemen shooting too
The guy had accomplices

This seems to be getting more and more controversial lately. (read: more bullshit is being added to the situation)

…what shooting?

Sorry, I forgot you lived under a fucking rock. :smiley:

shrug I watch news for the weather.

Should of massacred a twilight audience instead