Dark Login Screen

I spent the better half of the day making this. I think it's pretty damn good looking, though I dunno how much appeal the background has. I've included only the .exe so you can simply replace yours with this. I wouldn't try it if you have Karsten's 2.17a release though, I'm sure it won't work.

Edit Brightened the background a bit.


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Has that Windows Vista GUI feel to it…it's okay…

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Does anyone know how to change the green background on the serverlist? I’ve made numerous changes to my client, but they don’t fit when you get to the serverlist. I’d use something based on that green, but it doesn’t actually fit with the whole “NyghtShade” theme. lol

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True it would probably break my method of the auto login, but at least people would see ur login screen :slight_smile:

looks cool


kk ill have a quick go at it. Should be able to do it in memory and change the class properties.

Although I havn't seen any of ur work… You would have to be shit hot in order to make that thing look cool whatever colour it is lol

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lol. I'll probably post some of my shit in the future. I'd certainly use your loader, but my server isn't on the list. =(

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I tried to change the colors of the serverlist as well, but I couldn't find any color properties for the server tabs and tab bar, nor the server description box with ResHack. Having everything black and white except those looked awful so I just kept the green. I think Crow mentioned this problem back when he made his Eradia one.

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I got rid of the skanky tab altogether but I also could not find server description reference. I couldnt find it in ASM dump either so I don't know what the hell Mr Knorr did. Its a TRichEdit class… Anyways here is the modified one with everything but that description. I made u an app that runs along side it and removes it at runtime.

To use … extract GraalA and hwndA into ur graal dir and run hwndA.exe



I can make the console go away too… this is more of a very rough prototype :slight_smile:

The launcher could easily be made to take server names from a file… So when I know that everyone wants a launcher I could make it more usable