Dear Beholder #2

Don’t send me emails about your Canadian health care.

That is all.

:open_mouth: Yarly. Problem solved.

Hope that wasn’t to his whole contact list. o__o Unless he didn’t actually send the email and Dangerless is spewing out nonsense.

It was.

Indeed, my account got invaded :[
Gotta love Hotmail’s security, even sent to pricks I got blocked… ¬¬…

The South Americans?! o___o


What did they do with that badge you made for them?

Possibly using it, the picture I seen of the finished product didn’t exactly look… polished. A lot of gaps in between the threading.


On a backup CD in a folder I’d rather not be reminded of. lol

Woot, Jatz is thanking everybody! (Doesn’t get thanked and goes on roid-rage)

Is it bad if I clicked them? I trust Beholder…

Era does have a lot of flowers…

Zodiac does have large swords…

You know what they say about a man with a large sword.

You seriously stole my post? I’m going to fucking kill you. stab stab stab
(He deleted my post and put his.)

The post itself wasn’t all that funny, but hearing this adds a whole new dimension of lol to it.

:frowning: I didn’t get anything from B. So sad.

I’m going to check :o

___Merged doublepost__________________

I got an email about some lottery not insurance.