Dear big kids

MW2 on Xbox 360.

Is this big enough? Good lord, that burns my eyes.

Wow… umm… Thanks for putting that image in my head…

lmao i laughed


Why do you have to find the most disturbing pictures ever on the net >.<.
Welp like the guys who are oddly attracted to big things. “More cushun fo tha punshin.”

Umm beholder, you made me want to die for like a split second there.

Beholder found the real Boxxy!

Boxxy is hot!

Deff:bang:Boxxy :wink:

Boxxy is a man.

Boxxy has no Box? :open_mouth:

The name Boxxy comes from her GaiaOnline account, Moldylunchbox.

surely this is what you meant to write

No he meant to write!

and stop Talking about boxxy she now resides as my sex slave

id hit that:sup:

Next person to quote the fat kid page for this page and onward will get cookie!

That picture isn’t even bad, but I can say that because I live in Wisconsin, fat capital of the US

I barely see wisconsin on the us map. I thought texas was the fat capital.

No Texas is the capital of “Edjamacaitshun”