Default Bottle Sprites

free bottle sprites .

the gani’s are not completed yet .

i don’t see an image.

strange , i see them . they are in my album but ill try an outside source like photo bucket .

Edit :

how’s that ?

awesome! Make molotov coctails! ;D

I don’t think you made this, in fact they have a very similar image on Maloria… xd

@ Cadaver - for now i am working on the default stuff but i will get to the more modern stuff in due course .

Twig, I can make this image pretty easily. It’s just a simple rotation. Flip Horizontal/Vertical
Not to sound rude Loakey. lol Just trying to explain it to him.

Nice job Loakey.

no offense taken , you just summed up what i did . it’s just the bottle from the pics1 tile set cleaned up and moved around . :slight_smile:

Edit : in addition i have made the gani’s for this . to get them just log onto Zombie_Hunters_(Dev) and say yes . it will take you to the tutorial about weapons where a bottle weapon is located . also here is the basic script for it . Tho it will need some tweaking as it don’t hit anything .