Default Ganis [Complete]

Yes these ganis have the hats (#P1) fixed.
It is all of the essential default ganis; Combing through the ones we have, I noticed a few have been “edited” to add some sort of “seal”, and personalized by editing the default head & hat. ¬¬ (They have been cleaned.)

The list of Ganis included are

carry grab lift push shoot walk carrypeople hidden maps1 ride sleep carrystill hiddenstill maps2 rideeat spin dead hurt maps3 ridefire swim def idle pull ridesword sword


Thanks, will come in handy in packaging the 2.2.2 client for release.

Aye we just have to wait till the Compatable GServer is ready, the servers make the switch and make sure you remember the arrays2.dat next time. o_o

Packing the default sounds would be a plus ;o
The new client’s GUI just looks so, clean and modable… “Edit me, Edit me! I look like shit!”

Remember the arrays2.dat? I didn’t put any client files in, just the exe. I expected people to extract the EXE to their 2171 folder o_O

It had the unpacked exe, a few copies of arrays2.dat, hdmi.dll, and the CRC cracked client. lol
New download for & + the RCs

You could always just install Graal v5 and steal the ganis and sounds from that. That’s what I did when my ganis and sounds got raped last time. :stuck_out_tongue:

We could implement a block (if not already added)… to not allow sending of the default files to the client.

Oh, alright… i knew i seen default files in the code before so yeah. :slight_smile:

Maybe we should put in some sort of hash for the default files and only send them if they are untouched so that people with messed ganis/sounds can get the proper ones back from the server.

How is the client going to send the hash to the server?

I mean the server hashes the file and only sends the ganis to the client if they are the original ganis.

No no, of course not. Fix the levels not updating on servers that aren’t 0 first :stuck_out_tongue: It’s hell annoying restarting it all the time.

He means that only the levels on the first server on GS2Emu v2 updates the levels. That’s atleast how I understand it. :stuck_out_tongue: