I’m so sorry for your loss America, you were doomed either way. Who even nominates these clowns? seriously…

I disagree. Trump is president and I love seeing the butthurt, salt and tears of all the worthless autists who have no jobs and have never produced anything of value and were counting on all of Hillary’s/Soros NWO welfare shit.

America is back bitches, deal with it… Maybe I can even get Trump to extradite the stupid Graal/MtGox France/Mauritius shithead frauds like Stephane Portha and Gay Bouchery. I will certainly be writing letters to that regard. Almost everywhere in America has grown up and stopped voting for liberal communist shitheads, maybe someday this leftist cancer will also be purged from Washington state as well.

My concerns about Trump are his lack of knowledge on certain subjects such as tech “Trump is alot like other old people and politicians in not knowing about computer stuff, he did after all think Microsoft ran the internet” and that he may end up with cuckservative advisers who give him bad advice, alot of it comes down to the advice his advisers give and whether Trump falls for the threats of the NWO Bilderberg groups.

I don’t want a white version of Obama any more than a black version. I was joking back in 2008 that Obama was just George W Bush putting on blackface and all the morons fell for it, turns out i was right.

We need to purge the leftist cancer, leftist billionaires, hollywood actors and all worthless shits not only from America but the world, they have done far too much harm to not only the world but me, my friends, family and community. I’ve seen whole towns and cities die, businesses close, good people losing their jobs to completely uneducated and unqualified morons in india and other 3rd world slaveshops.

There is no possible way Donald Trump could be worse than or do more harm to America than George W Bush or Barry Soetoro even if he tried with malicious intent like Barry has done, which according to all of his statements and speeches there is no indication he intends to do so.

and as much fun as it might be to meme around Trump is not a nazi and not even close, in fact he has appeared to be quite the opposite.

Just dont go around raping or murdering people and be a decent person and i dont think anyone has anything to worry about regardless of their skin color, gender or other nonsensical identifying characteristics that have been made up these days, in fact I am hopeful that everyone that isn’t a complete degerate peice of shit will be pleasantly pleased.

Yeah as if a fucking Aussie knows shit about politics. Keep your shitty politics to your prison island.
Hope all of you got out and voted. Fantastic work.

I was sure we were completely doomed, at least we set a bit of an obstacle to the globalists who aren’t going away. They are still dominant through bureaucracy, education, non-profits, etc, and the majority of the establishment is still there to keep hacking away at our existence.
At least we won’t have a president who hates America and maybe they’ll patch up the supreme court a bit to get it back to interpreting instead of creating law.

BTW we have 4 years of Trump’s a racist and white people are evil to look forward to in the media, it’s going to be much worse than the Bush years.

no this is awesome because now we get watch it all on his new reality tv show. of course it will happen.

I just want to see him telling Obama he’s fired