Delteria Reborn is up now, its mostly new OW levels, circa liike 2005/6? But with old npc content added in.

I spent the last couple days getting all the old old classes working and now they’re finally up. I know a lot have bugs but the main ones I want people to report are if you use said weapon and nothing happens at all, or your character makes a motion but no images show up.

Also, I’m looking for people to explore the overworld and find all the quests.
There should be 7 hearts, level2/3 shield and level 2 sword that you can get.

To find the quests look for areas with sparkly green lights infront of them.

Bug #1, unable to connect

[UpnP] No devices found.

wtf man, the last server i hosted on this new gserver worked.

and yes upnp is enabled on my router

Reminds me of shops in NFSU 2. You have to find the lights for shops and stuff.

Just take out the port forward from the previous GServer, or use a different port.

there were never any ports, i forwarded myself, in my router

haha. you make it sound like you are your own internet protocol. how fast can you deframe a packet?

as fast as a cisco 1847 router, you?

takes me a few seconds