detect tiles

how do i detect tiles at x,y? tiles[x,y] works when i do
[php]message #v(tiles[x,y])[/php]
but it dont work when i do
[php]this.tile = #v(tiles[x,y]) [/php]

it’s weird. the only hack i can think of will be pull the value from the npc chat text, but wtf.

i think i had a random syntax error before because it’s working now. ill mark this one solved. good job.

round of applause for hosler. He’s carrying the team.

edit: what team

I laughed more than I should have.

Silly hosler, you should know better, putting strings where numbers should go, noob.

I keep forgetting that #v can only be used in some cases.

Whenever you use hash, your expected return type is a string you mean.