Dev log

I will be posting stuff on here about things I make from time to time, I will only post such things after such things are completed or near completion, I will post in multitudes such as in one post I will cover more than one subject.
I am on Evi only Monday-Friday for about 1-3 hours a day, during this time I am developing and discussing with individuals who log in to ask questions or such others.

If you have any questions, message me via forum or contact me on Evi. Thanks.

Read the following posts by me (Scroll down through here) for updates. :stuck_out_tongue: <3

If you’d like to share this thread go for it c: I’d enjoy it. (Very late response my bad o.o)

But here’s an update.

New Host
After our last host (Riley) decided to close the server and not give us our files we have gone with a new host blah blah blah. :stuck_out_tongue:
Currently our host is Urza once again :smiley: The connection rating isn’t that well, but it works for what it is used for c:!

The server is hidden, although I did make it public to show individuals what there was on there before the Riley problem :o

So, combat works now as well as weapons :p!
Equipping and un-equipping, is setup nice and neatly.

The Inventory is done as far as I can say I may change the graphics for it later, but it looks good enough for now.

There is a fancy message system, and events system as well :o you can mass to one another by saying /mass
Mass is a bit buggy, but you can’t do much about it without an NPC-server c:

Health, Stamina, and Hunger are currently the only used variables at the moment :o But it’s all we need currently as I don’t plan on setting up the leveling/stats systems until November for a few reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a transition animation for entering and exiting buildings which is pretty sweet c: Looks neat, each building will have a different transition depending on the building type.

Doors open and close now (Open when you touch 'em atm, changing them quite the bit in the future their on a timer for closing) it looks neat ahha

I have have an effect setup for when you’re on the over-world for an eerie feeling kinda inspired from Dark Souls that game is intense.
I went through and fixed the standard idle, and walk to make sense with weapons (shield switched sides ect)

Made a few ganis for some things including drinking(3 animations) Eating (1 animation) Sword, punching, door opening/closing (Pretty neat)

I’ve been working on a ton of weapon images pretty much, we have a few sword images currently, but nothing fancy has been really released.

In all honesty, I want to go through and change most of the graphics again o.o I’ve been improving quite the bit with my “pixel skillz” which is always fun.

I’ve remade the HUD a few times, but I want to remake it again and possibly give it a more wooden effect through photoshop taking away most of the pixel art part besides the outlines. (Sorry.)

Unsure if I should just make a whole different tileset or keep altering the current one to hell :stuck_out_tongue: Many would appreciate it if I just made one though.

I have a few levels currently, the outside map is pretty basic it was 3x3 but now it’s 5x5 (but I haven’t worked on it since it was last up ahha)

Currently it’s just one town, the whole goal right now is for me to focus on one town, make a dungeon or two and a surrounding highlands/forest region for “Helena” c:

We have a few inside levels :smiley: Nothing super crazy, but they look pretty nice for now c:

For being off/on with this in the past, I really do hope to finish it this time xd In the past I wasn’t really all that good with much besides minor gfx, my scripting was decent but it had bad technique ect and plus now I have a great partner on this ahha c: I feel I’m more skillful now and actually up for this than I was than, although then I did have a fully functioning system already complete just waiting for levels to be done xD haha

That’s about it, and yeah sorry for the delay and slow stuff.

Projection date?
I’m planning on having a decent amount done sometime by December including
-Reset System
-Some events
-Level system
-Stats handling
-projectile weapons
-skills handling
-20 different weapons
-1 job (a complex mining system fit with a crafting system :p)
-4 spells
-basic monsters
-10x10 map (mainly forest and such but heya c:)

that’s about it though :o
But after that, I’ll release it to the public as it will be fit for it,
we are going to try to pretty much focus on a grindy play style somewhat where items can be found on some monsters, but some things will be kept rare in the means of you can only get them by participating in events or by doing quests xP
As well as I have a plan for a “Monthly Merchant” guy who I will more the less make a few new “rares”
and have him sell them (they will change each month and he will sell the for Event Coins, Money and some misc stuff depending on the item)

Thanks friends and enemies :p[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Oh and of course, I’m completely open to suggestions c: But keep in mind, they may be altered and used, used as is, or declined completely :p![COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]One last update: It turns out that most of what I thought I had script wise wasn’t on my box, I do have all the scripts but some of the are out dated… :c but oh well :p!


Graphics are being updated ect to a more “textured” look instead of a plain style.
Inspiration is kinda coming to me from a few places so I’ve decided to learn a few new things and test them out. Either you hate it or you don’t.

I’m going to go through and re-do the HUD to a more noisy type look with the bars although I plan on keeping the bubble look, but in a different bubbly state of bubblez. xd

I’m also going to make an over head HP bar that will appear when you get hit, last about 5 seconds then go bye bye unless hit again xP It will refresh whenever your health goes either up or down by a call.

In all honesty, I want Evi to have an Eerie look and feeling to it, Dark contrasts, odd saturation ect :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the Inventory re-done it’s 30% pixel art 70% adobe photoshop alteration. xP It has the exact same template, and the exact same icons for the equip boxes as the old one.
Re-did the tab icons as well on it, they look fancy. :stuck_out_tongue:
256 colors hit, but what’s funny is only 256 colors were used through it all p:! I have this in PSD for later alteration and PNG for graal of course :p!
Surprisingly I actually spent quite the bit of time on this, although un-expected that much for such a basic image >.>… But then again I’m not that good.


Went through and made the whole HUD as well as GUI’s take in the new look I want c:

Also went through the Bars for HP,Stamina (ect) and gave them my older effect (looks better than the new one did)

Pretty much I spent today fixing the HUD’s and such :D! Last GUI’s to make is the Skills menu and Stats menu but that will wait until November. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next thing I’m going to do is go through and fix the ganis for everything I have currently and then I’m going to re-draw the current weapons I have.

Here are the other fix images.